Summer Intensive /
— FRACTUS V / Fabian Thomé Duten & Patrick Williams Seebacher 'Twoface'

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Week 1

“In Fractus V, I want to deepen the questions on information and manipulation; propaganda versus a more ‘objective’ and factual approach. I also take as a starting point ‘liberty of expression’. Certain taboos are often broken these days and certain truths are undeniable but we still miss the capacity to digest them or place them in the right context. Because of that we are often pushed in an ‘us versus them’ mentality. We have the information, but we don’t know how to use it. Noam Chomsky’s fundamental plead for ‘freedom of speech’ against the political attempts to control and to manipulate the media, resonates with my need as an artist for a space to constantly reinvent my own identity. This necessary process of renewal doesn’t happen gradually. It happens through radical fractures and being able to let go of the past. Evolution is the combined result of an endless series of small and big revolutions. Every day is a rite of passage, a point of no return. Fractus V is a creation with five, very different, contemporary dancers. The French virtuosic dancer Dimitri Jourde has a circus formation. The American Johnny Lloyd comes from a Lindy Hop background and is originally a musician. The Spanish dancer Fabian Thomé Duten started his career as a flamenco dancer with Joaquin Cortés and Patrick Williams Seebacher / Twoface earned his credits in hip hop and breakdance battles. I, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, enriched my own fluent dance language through exchange with different dance traditions for the past 15 years. We all have different dance backgrounds and but still our movements dialogue with each other. And we share the desire to create an interesting community, both on stage and in daily life. The live music continues this philosophy. I collaborate with the Japanese percussionist and singer Shogo Yoshii, the Korean singer and musician Woojae Park, Indian, virtuosic Sarod musician Soumik Datta and Congolese singer Kaspy N'dia. They are all experts in their own music traditions but also curious for cross-fertilizations. Fractus V stands for the natural fractures which are necessary to grow and become stronger.” Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Patrick Williams Seebacher, or in the urban dance scene best known under his alias Twoface, found his passion in dance at the age of 19. Born in München he was first noticed in the hiphop scene in Germany using his exceptional techniques in urban styles such as popping, tutting, waving, etcetera. Following his ambition as a dancer he started participating in dance battles. These contests were the start for his international fame not only as a dancer, but also as an artist. He won international dance battles such as SDK, The Notorious IBE and World of Dance, and is currently a much sought after juror. Coming from an urban background he frequently got commissioned for commercial jobs in television and music video’s, but he soon lost his heart at the theatre. As a performer he worked with Marlou Airodo on Irgendwo and performed in ?Culture by Patrizia Novorol. He also danced in Zwölf’ Kultur trifft Quartier by Lorca Renoux and Ronin, made in Germany by Takao Baba. Patrick is currently performing in Fractus V, the newest performance of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, produced by Eastman. Fractus V is still touring on an international scale.

Fabian Thomé Duten was born in 1981 in the South of France (Saint Jean de Luz) where he made his first dancing steps at the age of 7, in the Catalina Gómez School. In 1999, driven by his passion, he continued his training at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in Madrid, graduating in Spanish and Flamenco Dance in 2004. He continued his career working with the foremost masters of Spanish and flamenco dance such as Joaquín Cortés (2004-2005) in Amor y Odio, Rafael Amargo (2005-2009) as soloist and lead dancer, Lola Greco (2009) in Amor Brujo as soloist, among many others... In addition to his talent as a dancer and performer, Fabian began to create his own choreographies and teaching his style. In 2006, he presented his first show at the Andalusian Festival at Saint Jean de Luz (France) and since then has offered original creations. In 2011, driven by the motivation to assert his own style, Fabian decided to form his own company: F.T. Dance Company. In 2014, he presents Entre Sombras (Artistic assistant: Carlos Fuentes) which depicts a language about the corporal block. With this new approach, he won the Price if the Best Interpretation at the International Contest Burgos/New York (July 2014) and has been invited in several festivals: Mas Danza (Canarias Island), Talent Madrid, Festival Zinegoak (Bilbao), Tel Aviv… In February 2015, Fabian was part of the last production of Arantxa Sagardoy and Alfredo Bravo – – in Switzerland and in June 2015 he joined the new production directed and choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Fractus V.