Summer Intensive /
— URBAN TECHNIQUES / Patrick Williams Seebacher 'Twoface'

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Week 1

The teaching in this workshop is based on urban techniques that are similar to some of the contemporary aspects, but approached from a totally different perspective. Patrick Williams Seebacher will teach some foundational body isolations in relation with fix point concepts, as well as rhythmical isolation of movement patterns and coordination. To put it in other terms, the workshop offers transformation and animation movements and techniques in order to develop your own characters. Thread and trace concepts push the own creativity, but also give new partnering perspectives. All of that is based on different sub styles, like waving, tutting, popping, grooves and motion related techniques. 

Patrick Williams Seebacher, or in the urban dance scene best known under his alias Twoface, found his passion in dance at the age of 19. Born in München he was first noticed in the hiphop scene in Germany using his exceptional techniques in urban styles such as popping, tutting, waving, etcetera. Following his ambition as a dancer he started participating in dance battles. These contests were the start for his international fame not only as a dancer, but also as an artist. He won international dance battles such as SDK, The Notorious IBE and World of Dance, and is currently a much sought after juror. Coming from an urban background he frequently got commissioned for commercial jobs in television and music video’s, but he soon lost his heart at the theatre. As a performer he worked with Marlou Airodo on Irgendwo and performed in ?Culture by Patrizia Novorol. He also danced in Zwölf’ Kultur trifft Quartier by Lorca Renoux and Ronin, made in Germany by Takao Baba. Patrick is currently performing in Fractus V, the newest performance of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, produced by Eastman. Fractus V is still touring on an international scale.