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— GENESIS生长 / Elias Lazaridis & Kazutomi 'Tsuki' Kozuki

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Week 2

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, working with the Chinese dance star Yabin Wang – remember her spectacular dancing between the drums in the Echo Game sequence of the film “House of Flying Daggers” – explores our origins and our destination. To use his own words, “It is about growth, whether global, personal or artistic”. To the sounds of live music with roots in Africa, India, Japan, China and Poland he translates philosophical ideas about life, the pressures imposed on us by our society to perform and conform, into beautiful sequences of movement in which East and West, life and death, come together. 

Elias Lazaridis was born in Kavala, Greece in 1981 and began his training at the age of eight in classical ballet. Later on he became an athlete and participated in international competitions (including winning 400m hurdle events) while he was studying architecture. But his zeal for dance was undiminished and he completed his dance formation at the State School of dance in Athens while he was working part-time for the Greek National Opera and adLibdances / Kat Válastur. Later on he moved to Brussels for further studies at P.A.R.T.S. (Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker) where he came in touch with various contemporary techniques. He danced for Hofesh Shechter (Uprising/In your rooms) and Akram Khan (Vertical Road, Confluence, London 2012 Olympic Ceremony). While on tour, he provided workshops on the repertoire of both companies. Lazaridis started working with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in 2009. He performed in Das Rheingold, Babel(words) and Puz/zle. He also participated on the opening act for the movie Anna Karenina, directed by Joe Wright for which Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui helmed the choreography.

Kazutomi ‘Tsuki’ Kozuki was born in Japan in 1980. He is a singer and electronica composer. He started working in 2004 as a dancer for Baby-Q Dance Company in Japan and moved to Tokyo in 2005. Feeling a connection with the European dance scene, Kazutomi auditioned for Belgian director and theatre-maker Jan Fabre. Fabre selected him as the only Japanese performer for Requiem for a Metamorphosis. In 2008 Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui invited him to join Origine, an intimate project at Toneelhuis in co-production with De Bijloke. This project, with only four dancers and three musicians, toured all over Europe. Both projects led to Kazutomi being nominated in BalletTanz magazine in the category of Best Dancer. Kazutomi Kozuki then stayed in Antwerp to work for Cherkaoui as a dancer and creator on a long-term basis. During the tour of Origine, he also joined Sutra at times, working with the Chinese monks of the Shaolin Temple. Young Japanese choreographer Kaori Ito, based in Paris, asked him to dance in her creation Noctiluque. He joined Eastman and Cherkaoui/Jalet’s cast of Babel(words) in 2010 and participates in Cherkaoui’s show TeZukA (2011), Puz/zle (2012), 4D and 生长genesis (2013).